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Bluetooth: Coming from the Vikings

The fact that the name of Bluetooth technology comes from King Harald I of Denmark and Norway is an interesting story that many people do not know. In this article, we will tell you about the origin of the name Bluetooth and how this technology came to be.

Bluetooth is a radio connection technology used to connect wireless devices together. In 1996, major technology companies such as Ericsson, Nokia and Intel decided to develop a common standard for the communication of devices of different makes and models. But for a long time they could not determine what to call this technology.

One of the engineers, who was interested in history, recommended a book about the Vikings to the other. This book was the novel “Longships”, which tells about the life of Harald I, who ruled as king of Denmark and Norway in the 10th century. Harald I was recognized as the first king to unite the different kingdoms in Scandinavia. Also his nickname was “Bluetooth” (Bluetooth in English). The reason for this nickname was that the king’s teeth were blue because he ate too many blueberries.

Engineers, influenced by this book, thought that their new technology, like Harald I, had a unifying feature. So they decided to use the name Bluetooth. The Bluetooth logo was also created by combining the initials of Harald I (H and B) with their counterparts in the Old Norse alphabet (ᚼ and ᛒ).

Bluetooth technology is used in many areas today. It provides data transfer between devices such as wireless headsets, speakers, keyboards, mice, smart watches, smartphones. In addition, there are Bluetooth-supported products in sectors such as health, education, sports and arts.

The fact that Bluetooth technology comes from King Harald I of Denmark and Norway has both historical and technological interest. In this way, we live both the past and the future together.

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