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Rescuing a Blind Street Kitten

We rescued Aria from the streets and helped to find her a loving forever home!

when you hear “there were simply no eyes left to save” it really hurts the soul

the fact that she’s blind and shows her belly.. that’s trust. that is how you raise a cat and how they should feel

I adopted a cat who had his eyes removed and the eyelids sowed shut. He acts like a completely normal cat, he can even play fetch and played normally with my other cat chasing her around, he jumps on all the furniture and barely ever bumps into anything. It’s amazing that they don’t need their sight at all. Please never put down cats just for their blindness. I couldn’t imagine my life without my cat he’s amazing and I even forget that he’s blind there is no impairment to his life at all ❤️

I love how she went from screaming in the bath to “ok this is good” sleeps.

Anyone else encouraged her loudly, saying “You can do it!” when Aria tried to jump onto the coffee table?
We adopted an old, blind dog who had been bitten by other dogs and mistreated for many years. He became a wonderful companion. So brave…jumping off ledges he’s never encountered before, running into the surf, and generally running around, as if he was able to see. Sometimes, he’d run into a wall or furniture, fall down, get up, shake his head and keep on going. The vet said, he was old and had about three years to live. He lived another seven! In the end, he died because his heart was too big. I think that diagnosis described him perfectly. It was the most rewarding thing, and as much love as we gave to him, he repaid us tenfold. His name was Hermann. RIP.

“When you rescue a sick cat, you really have no idea how things will end. You just begin.”

Honestly, you just inspired me to take action. It’s applicable for anything in life, especially the ones that takes passion to lift off. Thank you.

Seeing her eye swelled up like that was really hard to watch, but what a great result. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!

I know it’s not much, but yesterday when I found this channel I donated $25. What you are doing is amazing. I have four cats that came from a litter of kittens. I give them the life most humans don’t even have. Animals have feelings just as we do. Again I must say again what you are doing is something special and you will be blessed heavily for this work. Thank you!

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