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Poor Cat Left To Decompose While She Is Alive | Rescue Before And After

We are saving any soul that suffers alone and no one listens her groan, We have 87 street cats (different ages) some of them were run over cars and suffering from paralysis and some of them are blind some of them have diseases more complicated, And also we have 21 dogs. Unfortunately we just have only our house with our Self-effort, We wish if we had an entire country to gathering all those innocent souls together, But if we had shelter that’s will be wonderful. Actuality the situation is getting more difficult with each new case, but we cannot let any animal suffer, So we will continue, And we hope for your support.

Thank you for rescuing her and not giving up considering her awful condition. The world needs more people like you ❤

That poor innocent baby! No matter what happens, whether she survives or not, at least in her last days she was looked after, cared for and loved. That just breaks my heart!

I’m bawling. How can people be so cruel?! Thank you for helping her. ❤❤❤

I hope she gets to live a much more amazing life than the monster that did this to her. God bless this beautiful baby! Thank you!

It’s really sad to see animals in such helpless conditions. Thank you so much team for rescuing her. ❤ I hope she recovers soon. May God bless you all. 🙂

Please, guys, let’s give love and take care of our animals. I truly believe they are angels walking among us. Let’s not let them down like that. Once you open up your heart to them and they start trusting you, trust me, you’ll see how truly amazing each creature can be. SPREAD THE WORD.❤😢

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